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Reviews of "The Sports Medicine Patient Advisor" Third Edition

illustrations“The Sports Medicine Patient Advisor helps my athletes understand their injuries and speeds their return to play.”

--Jeff Anderson, M.D.
Team Physician, University of Connecticut

“Required reading and reference for any coach who truly cares for his players' well being. Great resource to share with athletes, parents, sports medicine professionals and Athletic Directors. Well organized, easy to understand, helpful illustrations facilitate healing, health promotion, injury prevention.”

--Coach Steve Tela Ph.D.
Bishop Ireton High School (VA), Capital Lacrosse Club

Dr. Rouzier and athlete “An excellent resource covering injuries that is very easy to follow and understand. I encourage all of my students to keep this textbook as a reference, so when they get a job as a coach or physical educator, they will be able to correctly deal with any injuries that they will encounter.”

--Danny Kniffin, M.Ed.
A.T.C., L.A.T., Rehab Coordinator/Associate Instructional, Professor, Texas A&M University

“The most useful and comprehensive patient education patient education materials available…an invaluable tool for our sports medicine fellowship and clinic.”

--William Dexter, M.D.
Director, Maine Medical Center, Sports Medicine Program