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Dr. Rouzier

. . . for Health Professionals

The Sports Medicine Patient Advisor contains easy to copy patient education handouts. This is the book that needs to be on every health care provider’s bookshelf and should be used constantly. Pre-print the topics that are common to your practice and have them readily available to give to your patients. Review the handouts with your patients and be sure they understand how to do the rehab. Your patients will really appreciate learning about their sports injuries or problems and will love getting a home rehabilitation program and a plan that tells them when they can return to their sport or activity.

The information contained in this book refers to the use of rehabilitation aids that can be found anywhere – weights in a gym or a person’s home, resistance bands that can be dispensed from a provider’s office or items founds at home like a soup can or a hammer!

Resistance bands are easy to find. There are several colors and strengths. For simplicity I use green theraband for lower extremity injuries and yellow theraband for upper extremity injuries.

This is the resource that will improve patient satisfaction, compliance, and return to action! No patient with a sports related problem should leave your office without receiving a handout.

Pierre Rouzier, M.D.
Team Physician
University of Massachusetts

. . . How to use this book--for Coaches, Athletes, and Parents